Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Many Adventures of Cars, Keys, and Books....

It's been awhile. Life's always crazy! So here come some updates.

Gabe is still the fastest crawler! He loves standing for a few seconds on his own. He's getting excellent balance! He loves peanut butter and bread, fruit of all kinds, red foods like tomatoes, yogurt, and graham crackers are his staple. He doesn't eat a lot but what he does eat he loves! His hair is also out of control so I have to try and keep it trimmed up while he's taking a bath. It's still crazy, but it's the only way. His hair is really bad and he has only me to blame. One day he'll stiller and won't need my non-expertise haircutting!

We're loving the weather right now. Nice and sunny. We've enjoyed walks and picnics outdoors. We hope it stays like this for awhile.

Other fun adventures? Well, this month alone I've locked my keys in the car twice and once with Gabe in the car! Which resulted in the calling of cops and me completely freaked out and embarrassed. Thank goodness for Jeanene, my level-headed friend! And today while on the way to the library my tire blew up and went flat. Not too good with the tools and fixing flats so called Archie and he came to the rescue....except we thought we needed a certain tool and so off he went to get that only to find out that we didn't need it...so more time spent...we needed two jacks to raise the car...oh, I could go on. I tried to help out where I could but VW tire changes are not run of the mill. And right after I left the key bolt on the ground!!! So we had to go back and get it and all the while with Gabe screaming in the background for his nap. But at least I got a free book at the library! So it was a pizza day today....yummy.

This weekend I also headed out to Park City for a night in a lovely mansion with my book club gals for our night of all things Austen. We watched Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley and Emma with Gwyneth on the huge projection screen with the comfiest bean bags in the world! And I ate my weight in junk food.

I've also decided to run my first 5K ever here in Eagle Mountain for the Pony Express Days. I'm training three days a week and hope to run the whole way! Woot! I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to my eating, but exercise is doing well! So not dropping what I want, but still plugging along!

Also throwing in a couple of pics of Wolfy cuz he's a sweetie and my basketball team won our tournament; we were undefeated and got free Gatorade! The sweat of victory is great!!!!

So life is pretty crazy, but we're having fun!

Here's a couple of videos with Gabe trying to clip a lanyard back together. I think it's pretty cute!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things i LOVED.....This Week!

Watching Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray

My devoted husband making yummy hamburgers

Receiving quite a few Goodreads swap books in the mail.

Getting a bonus

Sunnier days

Gabe standing on his own for a few seconds!

Kitty snuggles at the end of the day