Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Not So Vegas Weekend and Other Pics....

We tried to be good siblings and come down to Archie's sister's surprise birthday dinner last Friday night down there in Vegas. We thought it would be a fun time, quick, but fun with Gabe...sigh, not to be. We got down there late and Gabe was pretty ornery from the drive down. A local neighbor of my bro and sis in law agreed to babysit all the kids while we were out til 1AM. It was fancy, for sure. Never eaten anywhere as fancy! So we did get some good free food. And it was fun to see Archie's sister and her family again; it's been a long time. Plus, since she had no idea we were coming, it took her a few seconds to realize that she knew us when she sat down with her husband. She was thinking that the restaurant is so busy they have to seat them with people they don't know! LOL! I wish I had gotten her reaction on camera...priceless.
Gabe helping to clean car!

We stayed one night at the Orleans.

Archie's very nice lobster brisque

My super fancy green salad!

So after a fun evening with his fam, we got back to Gabe and he was so miserable. He had a fever and was hysterical and so we rushed him back to our hotel room and got no sleep. None of us, really. We wanted to stay Saturday and see a few things and then go back to Archie's sister's place for a pool party and dinner but it was not to be. We were all way to miserable so we packed up and checked out for home that morning. It was a good thing too. Gabe slept like twelve hours that night and Archie and I were pretty close to that. We were just so exhausted. So we lost out on one of our hotel room nights...sigh, no refunds. But hey, the things we do for family, right?!

Mother's Day was fun as well. Went to Park City and Village Inn in the morning! Not too shabby.

Well, other exciting news...I got my haircut a couple of weeks ago by a good friend and got some highlights! I love it! It's the shortest I've had my hair since I was a little kid so a long time! It's fun!

We also put Gabe in a toddler bed! Thanks to Autumn!

Memorial Day we met my parents and my sister Cheryl up in Bountiful where our grandparents are all buried and then ate at Chuck-a-rama! Food and food galore. They had some tasty scones and salad dressings! Gabe hardly eats anything so....I think we got him to eat some jello and drink some juice. And since Gabe is such a Daddy's boy he got pretty rambunctious and I couldn't do anything with him and Archie couldn't so we had to leave early before we were all kicked out for disturbing the peace! Such is life in the child lane.

I love this one!

We also went over to a friend's house and Gabe thought it would be fun to climb into her cats' condo! So cute.