Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life Gets Busy....

I had such high goals for myself when I came out here to Japan. I was going to blog incessantly and keep everyone updated. Facebook has had to do over the last couple of months.

I've been going through culture shock and homesickness and the blahs of being sick.

I'm crawling may way back out...but in the meantime...

Gabe started school last month. He rides the bus to and from everyday. He is also in school all day. It's been a bit rough on both of us. I miss my little buddy and he hates having to go 5 days a week but once he gets there he seems to enjoy every bit of it. I get to volunteer in class for an hour, too, each week.

I spend my days doing the normal things like cleaning, grocery shopping, budgeting, bill paying, cooking and planning meals. Plus, two days a week my Japanese tutor Yasuko San comes on over and we spend 4 hours a week that way. I'm taking an online class and plan to take a few more while I'm here. I exercise, walk around and see the sites, grab a cup of Joe, etc. And I get some more reading time in, too.

Archie works crazy hours so we don't see him until the weekends. We try to get out and see new things every weekend.

There's no guarantees how often I'll post but my goal is at least once a week.

Here are some picture highlights from our adventures over the last 6 weeks or so.

2014-08-11 15.42.40
Really good pizza place with wine!
Photo Aug 14, 3 13 10 PM
Chuo Park right by our apartment. Beautiful.

Photo Aug 16, 1 33 20 PM
Hamada Beach.

Photo Aug 16, 1 33 53 PM
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Photo Aug 16, 1 34 06 PM

Photo Aug 16, 2 18 46 PM
He could have buried himself!

Photo Aug 23, 1 08 20 PM.edit
Miyajima--too hot that day. Look forward to coming back in the Fall.

Photo Aug 23, 1 27 03 PM.edit
Photo Aug 23, 1 49 25 PM

Photo Aug 23, 2 31 20 PM

Photo Aug 23, 3 40 09 PM.edit

Photo Aug 23, 12 17 50 PM.edit

Photo Aug 23, 12 31 12 PM

I'll throw in more highlights soon. But this should be enough for this post.

Japan was really hot in June and July. August was very rainy and now September has cooled off significantly with some sunny skies.