Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Hikes: Stewart Falls

Here's the as-promised pics!

Monday, August 8, 2011

July Catch-up!

Let's see... We hiked up to Timpanogos Cave with some friends! Really cool. Gabe rode on Archie's back in the back pack and I pretty much held him inside the cave. But he made it through despite some screaming sessions and bonked heads!
A beautiful sunset!

We also had more adventures at Thanksgiving Point's animal farm and had some fun in our kiddie pool...we filled it up with hot water and just relaxed and had fun with some friends!

Gabe on his first horsie ever!

Also introduced Gabe to finger paints! Yeah! It got everywhere! Mess is good.

We've also been doing some extra hiking this month. We headed to Pleasant Grove's falls, easy breezy kind of hike. And then this last weekend we headed up to Stewart Falls! Both great hikes and we all had a lot of fun! I'll add the Stewart Falls pics in another post...
Got some glitter toes, too!