Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Wrap-Up and Christmas!

Christmas was pretty exciting this year! Gabe got way too much stuff...we had to with hold one gift so we could give it to him for his birthday in February! You just see cute little things/toys here and there and you don't realize how much stuff you get for the wee one when it comes time to wrap stuff and open them up! He still doesn't get the whole countdown to Christmas and the opening of gifts, but he still gets really excited about boxes and wrapping paper and eventually his toys! I try to give us all new PJs for X-mas Eve...he got some cute ones this year. Archie also used his awesome skills in carpentry to make a Gabe a fun little board assortment of things to do. He also made a fake butter bomb to take to work for a little party they had. Yup, he is a genius. The kitties got new cat nip, treats and treats. They don't really enjoy coming out to play anymore with Gabe tormenting them every day so we skipped the new kitty toys this year. We also made sugar cookies and gave them to our neighbors. Sent out holiday cards to friends and family. Attended a couple of parties. Got a new bed that isn't working for us so we are now finding a new one again....sigh. Need to fix the Xbox! But we did get Wii Mario Kart! Way super fun. We were pretty lame for New Year's Eve...we stayed at home and ate junk food! Watched a movie and played Mario Kart. That is how we rang in the New Year.

Oh, can't forget that we got him a Zhu-Zhu pet this year. That is a new favorite! The cats even enjoy that one!

I read a total of 78 books this year! That is a record folks! I reviewed most of them on my book blog Gofita's Pages.

I also really enjoyed in movies this year: (also includes new to me movies whether they came out in 2010 or not) Tangled, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon, Easy A, Letter to Juliet, Angela's Ashes, Milk, Date Night, Whip It, and Zombieland. All of them absolutely superb!

TV shows new to me this year that I fell in love with: Burn Notice, Pushing Up Daisies, and Firefly (I know none of these actually came out this last to me, though).

There also were some great songs too, but I am way too lazy to look them up for title and artist....ones I can remember: Coldplays Viva la Vida, Sarah Bareilles King of Anything, Christina Perry Jar of Hearts, Black-eyed Peas, Linkin Park, some others...They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science album.

I also lost a few more pounds! Yeah and am hoping to lose a few more this year.

The fake butter bomb...hope the gov doesn't come after us now!!!

The bear and hearts all have Velcro so he can take them off and on same with the lunch box.

His cute Sponge Bob pjs

Archie got a One Nation Under Grog T-shirt--arrrggh!
Grandma Crozier made him a cute little vest, too!

He got lots of tools!

We got a new Xbox 360 game but now our Xbox is on the fritz :(

Lots of Leap Frog magnet. Loves them!

Archie gave me a blankie for our anniversary and Gabe has commandeered it!
Gabe turns a big two this year. Maybe he'll potty train????? He is saying so many new words now. It seems like it has improved since he had his ear tube surgery in November. But maybe it would've improved with time anyway...but one thing for sure is that he has not been sick since! Yeah!

I'm also going to finish school this year and hopefully find a part-time job...we'll see. I also want to lose a few more pounds, especially the ones I gained over the holidays...sigh. I also am starting to write Gabe little letters every night to let him know what fun things he did or learned each day and share a bit of my thoughts with him. I had this idea after he was born but I've only been doing it about every two or three months...but this year each day! Also want to write in my journal at least weekly, and keep up on my blogs at least weekly as well. Work harder at getting school done and enjoy this year as the best one yet! Happy New Year to everyone! Love you all.