Sunday, October 12, 2014

September Antics

September highlights include the Hiroshima City Park with the PTA families from Gabe's school and our trip to Bunny Island!

September also included sickness for Gabe and me...on into October as well, unfortunately. The germs are really hitting us hard here.

I joined the Hiroshima International Women's Club. It brings bilingual Japanese women and other women foreigners together to learn from each other and create a community. Our first meeting was a class on Ikebana, Japanese floral design. it's beautiful but a very difficult art to master. My new friend Tazuko san helped me quite a bit! We get together at least once or twice a month for coffee and cooking/and or other cultural exchange classes.

Fall comes a bit later here in Hiroshima. I'm looking forward to the beautiful Fall colors in the next month or two. But for now we are all enjoying the cooler weather.

Gabe is enjoying school. His reading has already grown exponentially. He went on his first field trip to see Japanese houses last week. He enjoys PE and Japanese class. He is also learning to swim really well. He loves it.

Archie is being worked to death....long hours makes it tough but we enjoy the weekends.

This week is Gabe's fall break. We plan to make a lot of Halloween and Fall crafts, bake some pumpkin bread and get outside a bit.

We are also looking forward to the school's Halloween party on Halloween. Gabe plans on being a pirate. I'm planning on a skeleton and Archie will go as himself!

I'm looking forward to healthier days! I hope! Being sick makes everything miserable.

Here are some highlights from September....

Photo Sep 08, 11 52 46 AM
My arrangement and Tazuko san's
Photo Sep 21, 2 01 17 PM
Shaun the Sheep!
Photo Sep 20, 2 01 31 PM
Beautiful Flower
Photo Sep 20, 2 54 39 PM
Train ride up the mountain!

Photo Sep 20, 3 35 57 PM

Photo Sep 20, 3 16 09 PM
A very scary but safe bridge!
Photo Sep 20, 12 54 52 PM

Photo Sep 06, 4 52 12 PM
bunny island
Photo Sep 06, 4 21 09 PM
Hubs feeding teh bunniez

Photo Sep 06, 4 23 22 PM