Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and Such!

We had a fabulous Halloween this year! This was Gabe's first year in understanding a bit about the excitement for candy and going trick-or-treating. He really enjoyed all the decorations and the "scary" books and the talk of candy, candy, candy, candy! I made my chili and zombie cupcakes! Our neighbors came over and celebrated with us and we all went trick-or-treating together. The weather was soooo amazing!!! I don't remember a Halloween ever being this warm. It was so nice to wear just wear my pirate costume without any kind of jacket or coat.

My zombie toxic bite cupcakes--teeth and all!

Gabe (Archie helped a lot) did a bat for his pumpkin.

Our Halloween porch.

Archie's and my pumpkins

We also drove up to Cascade Springs and enjoyed the scenery with our friends.

So naturey!
Gabe wanted pancakes last night so he helped me mix and cook!

More fun pics...

My little Babushka!

New haircut but a little grumpy

Happier after he got his goldfish!

Wearing Mom's boots!
I also ran my first half marathon on Saturday morning with my friend Annie. It was a costume run and I dressed up as a pirate. We also got a really cool pirate medal! It was the hardest thing physically I've ever had to do but it was a lot of fun. Annie kept me going even when she could have run on ahead and finished an hour before me (I don't think I would have finished if she hadn't have stuck with me!). Probably the craziest thing I've done this year! Woot!
Us, freezing our arses off at 5 in the morning!