Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October and Halloween

I can't believe Halloween is over and done for the year. October saw us eating tofu cuisine, swimming at the beach! (yes it was still warm enough for the beach here!) We also visited a beautiful park with lots of fun things to do for Gabe and beautiful nature to see and enjoy...but we came too late and could only stay for a an hour and a half before it closed and we were kicked out after driving for 1.5 hours! Another time.

We also hiked up to a beautiful shrine just above our apartment. It was very serene and peaceful. Gabe complained a bit about the long hike but it was worth it once we got to the top. I just can't believe how beautiful Japan is. Every place on Earth has its own beauty and I'm enjoying getting to know Japan's.

Gabe had his Fall break and we did make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and made a few Halloween crafts. We didn't get out much but we had fun anyway.

We hit a food festival, painted pumpkins, and enjoyed the school Halloween party.

Gabe was a pirate and I was a skeleton. I didn't go too crazy but it was something. Archie and I set (Archie) set up our trunk for trunk-or-treating. I took Gabe around to do all the fun games. Haunted house, donut eating contest, the works. Gabe had a good time. He only got trampled once in the mad rush to the line for trick-or-treating.

So without further adieu here are the pic highlights of our October!

Photo Oct 02, 12 43 57 PM.edit
My tutor Yasuko San who took me to a tofu restaurant
Photo Oct 02, 11 28 51 AM.edit
My tofu plate!
Photo Oct 04, 3 01 07 PM (1).edit
Beach antics!
Photo Oct 07, 5 34 41 PM.edit
Gabe loves swimming!

Photo Oct 11, 3 47 20 PM
Bihoku park
Photo Oct 11, 4 44 58 PM
Cool mushroom playground!
Photo Oct 11, 4 55 37 PM
3 puppies in a stroller!
Photo Oct 12, 11 57 12 PM

Photo Oct 12, 4 10 49 PM

Photo Oct 12, 4 19 08 PMPhoto Oct 16, 5 52 18 PM
Photo Oct 26, 11 13 32 PM
Yummy cookies and ramen dipping dinner!
Photo Oct 27, 3 15 35 PM.edit
the last one says Boo!

Photo Oct 31, 4 43 27 PMPhoto Oct 31, 6 19 59 PM