Friday, December 10, 2010

The End of Fall

I'm such a slacker when it comes to updating...sigh. Well, here are some more pics from October and November. Here are some belated Halloween pics!

This is at Cornbelly's. It was tooooo cold and we didn't last long.

My awesome pumpkin!

Archie's pumpkin 

With Autumn at Springville Trick-or-Treat!
Pooh costume provided by cousin Bradley!

My mother-in-law Dianne came up to visit and we had a mini pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Ty and Cristi brought along a couple of their friends and their new puppy!

We also got blasted with some snow over a couple of weekends...and no it wasn't that supposed "blizzard of all blizzards" we were going to be bombarded with!

This is what I was waiting for...snow! I loved playing in the snow as a kid but once you are an adult you just can't quite get away with this is the first year I've been able to play in the snow since I was a teenager!! Thank you, Gabe! We had so much fun. We built a snowman and made snow angels. Now the snow has all melted and we're just getting lots of cloudy days with rain.

I also attended an online ball and won a surprise Darcy pack from vvb32 reads.

Really excited about this one! Stationary, a book, paper dolls! and a necklace!

Gabe had fun helping me hang the ornaments on the tree. He loved placing the ornaments himself on the tree. I had to move a few, but for the most part they were great spots! He's a natural. He still doesn't get the whole holiday fun time with Santa and presents...but he'll have a lot of fun opening up his gifts on the big day! And I'm really hoping for some more snow!!!!!!

We also got a new king size bed for Christmas...a little early, I know. But I'm still trying to break it back and neck have been a bit sore, but I'm hoping I'll recover soon.

I also picked up a book called Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas by John Matthews and we have been reading through the history of all holiday celebrations from Pagan, to Jewish and Christianity. It also contains some fun ideas on recipes and other ways to celebrate the coming of winter. I'm looking forward to new and fun traditions!

I love this time of year!