Thursday, May 28, 2009

Johny Came Marching In!

My friend Johny, from Colombia, came to visit his sister and brother-in-law for a few weeks and so we all got together at Iggy's for a visit! My friend Sarah and I know Johny from our senior year of high school. He was an exchange student living with his sister. We've kept in touch on and off over the last eleven years! So it was great to finally see him again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We all had a great weekend together! Friday my friend Ruth came up from St. George for the weekend and stopped on by! It was great to see her and her family since I haven't seen her since my wedding reception five and a half years ago!

Saturday we ventured out into the crappy weather for a bit of a stroller-hike and a picnic at the park! It was very windy!

Below is a 15 second video of Gabe getting wind in his face!!!

Saturday night we had a neighborhood kitty come around and ask for some food! My nickname for her is Sweetie! She's a very friendly kitty! I thought I'd share a couple of pics of her and my kitties!

The really did NOT like each other!! But she appreciated the food and then went on to sucker another bleeding heart like me to give her food!!

Then on Monday we headed up for our annual get-together with my extended family up in Centerville. We celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday!! She is getting up there in the age category!

It was a pretty long day for our little Gabe. There definitely was some crying sessions, but everyone just ate him up!

And we just switched formulas on him...and now he's a little stopped we're taking him into the doctor to get him some stuff to take care of that and we may have to switch back to his expensive brand...GRRRR!

We enjoyed the day and hope everyone paused to remember those who have gone before us to help keep this wonderful country safe!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Ingenious Husband!

Our little Gabe's bed is not his crib right now, it's his swing! It's the only way he'll stay asleep for long periods of time at night and for naps in the day. But using it that much uses a lot of battery power and D batteries are not cheap! So Archie decided to hook the swing up to a power supply!!! I didn't even know one could do that! He's an engineer so I guess that explains it and his dad has been a professional electrician for eons so he's learned a lot along the way! So here's a picture of our power-supplied swing setup!

And it's easily able to be removed and use batteries in case the power goes out!!! He's a genius!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels Protected My Boy

We had a REALLY big scare last night. We were just coming home from our walk last night (all three of us) when Gabe fell out of his stroller! Archie had unbuckled him halfway through our walk and forgot to rebuckle him so when he went to pop the stroller over our front step Gabe just tipped right on out onto the concrete. We literally freaked out and panicked! But we were able to calm him down pretty fast. He got a pretty hefty scrape on his knee and a bit of one on his foot and he hit his little head as well. At first we didn't notice his head until after Archie had given him a priesthood blessing and saw that his left side was a bit red and swollen so we immediately jumped into the car and up to an urgent care for kids and they immediately told us to take him up to Primary Children's Hospital so they could do a CAT scan to see if there was any head trauma. And of course I'm freaking out and crying and praying and hoping that he's OK. He never gave us cause to worry, though, since he continued to act normal the whole time!

We finally arrived around a bit before nine and were there until about two in the morning so a total of about five hours! It was crazy busy last night, but we felt reassured when they told us his head looked completely fine and normal!!! The poor little guy...we got to sing to him and comfort him while he got his scan so he would hold his head still! It was the most terrifying and miserable night. He was soooo tired and we were soooo exhausted. But he went to sleep immediately at home and has been taking great naps all day and still looking great!

We are so grateful to Heavenly Father that he protected little Gabe. His fall could've been a lot more serious, even we are feeling very thankful for his safety! And another lesson on being parents has been learned....make sure he's always buckled in! One stupid mistake can lead to the most devastating consequences.

Oh, the craziness of being first time parents! We love you Gabe!

Friday, May 15, 2009

He Rolled Over!

My little boy rolled over for the first time today!! Take a look!

I'm just so proud!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish every woman out there a wonderful day! Today was my first official Mother's Day as a mother! Gabe got me a really cute and sweet card! hee hee! We took some fun pics outdoors and hung out for a couple hours at my sister's house to celebrate with yummy hamburgers and other foods. I recorded a tiny bit of Gabe to show you how much he appreciated the day!

We took these outside our front door! The weather was soooo nice!

Here Gabe had grabbed for the first time his toy!! It was monumental!

Here's Gabe today with his Grandma and great Grandma Stokes'!

Here's our blurry family pic with my brother Roger in the back!

We ended the day with some singing!!! Goodnight my sweet Gabe!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We have some tulips that randomly grow in the front of our town home (the previous owner planted them). And they were so pretty that I decided to take a picture of them with Gabe! He's not too happy about it, but oh well....

We also brought out his walker (you have one when you're a baby and when you're old, the circle of life baby!) so he could stand and keep strengthening his muscles!!! Thanks again to Autumn for the walker! He was just too cute in it!

Our city just finished off the new additions to the fire station, which is right out our front door!!! It's so nice to have it all finished since it was a complete mess before, so I thought I'd share the photos...

And I'm throwing in my kitty Wolfy for good measure since he too cute to pass up!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gofita's Pages

Hello all, I've decided to start up another blog in order to separate my crazy ramblings and my family ramblings! This blog is about the doings and wonderings of myself and my family whereas my other blog will be about my ideas and thoughts about stuff! Here's the link

And if you must know the name Gofita comes from when I served a mission to the Canary Islands. They have a mix called gofio that they put into everything, drinks, cake, as oatmeal, etc....and in Spanish the feminine diminutive is -ita. I needed to makeup a name for my email address and voila...gofita was born! So please check out my other blog...I'll try and get a few in a week eventually, but hopefully at least once a week while I'm still figuring out the whole motherhood thing!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Clean up

We finally got some cleaning in this weekend. It was definitely due. I don't even know what was growing in my toilet....Got the sheets cleaned, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms! It's amazing at how much doesn't get done and how fast nasty things grow when you've just had a baby!

We even made it to church for the first time as a family. We sat clear in the back in order for a mad dash out the door just in case his colic got too out of hand! He slept most of the time, but got a bit cranky towards the end and the meeting went just a bit too long! But hey, a big step!
A not so great family pic!

He did not like this outfit, but he looked so cute!

Gabe is getting better control of his cute little hands! He's starting to put them in his mouth and suck! And he's very interested in his feet!!

The best family pic we've got!

So life goes on.....