Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gofita's Pages

Hello all, I've decided to start up another blog in order to separate my crazy ramblings and my family ramblings! This blog is about the doings and wonderings of myself and my family whereas my other blog will be about my ideas and thoughts about stuff! Here's the link http://gofita.blogspot.com.

And if you must know the name Gofita comes from when I served a mission to the Canary Islands. They have a mix called gofio that they put into everything, drinks, cake, as oatmeal, etc....and in Spanish the feminine diminutive is -ita. I needed to makeup a name for my email address and voila...gofita was born! So please check out my other blog...I'll try and get a few in a week eventually, but hopefully at least once a week while I'm still figuring out the whole motherhood thing!!!!

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  1. Thanks Heather for stopping by Musty Meanderings--you're welcome anytime. Through the blog chain, I see that the Pale Princess is a daughter to one of my "flashback" friends of 35 years ago.

    I also have a blog just for my book club--zqueenbees.blogspot.com--it isn't a church bookclub, but all the ladies are LDS. There are some links to some good reading sites and I have more on my Google Reader. Oh, I just remembered, I have an older sister that lives in Eagle Mountain--great area.

    Have a splendiforous day!


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