Friday, May 22, 2009

My Ingenious Husband!

Our little Gabe's bed is not his crib right now, it's his swing! It's the only way he'll stay asleep for long periods of time at night and for naps in the day. But using it that much uses a lot of battery power and D batteries are not cheap! So Archie decided to hook the swing up to a power supply!!! I didn't even know one could do that! He's an engineer so I guess that explains it and his dad has been a professional electrician for eons so he's learned a lot along the way! So here's a picture of our power-supplied swing setup!

And it's easily able to be removed and use batteries in case the power goes out!!! He's a genius!


  1. Jeremy figured out something like that as well! What a money saver, those dang swings SUCK the life out of batteries. Ava also spent a many a nap/bedtime in her swing, lifesaver!

  2. Hey there Heather! I just found your blog. Your little one is such a little sweety. Yay for Archie converting the swing from batteries to AC. Jeremy did the same thing for Alyssa's swing. Isn't it wonderful being married to an engineer? Well except for all the computer parts and tools cluttering up the house that is. ;)

  3. Dude! What a genius! Yea for more sleep at night!


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