Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bring it on, 2013! I always plan on the new year being better than the last! Live it up. Love it up.

A few exciting changes for the year??? Get my debts paid down and I really want to get into a bit of gardening. Since we live in a town home, we have no yard. We have a little porch and two side areas with dirt. So I got Container Gardening For Dummies for Christmas this year and hope to create a little garden of containers with flowers and herbs. I also plan on writing more.

You know the usual schtick about doing better and being better always happens this time of year. But I think every year it's a great time to reassess ourselves. Are we better off this year than last? Are we happier? Did we help others to be happier/did we do a bit to make the world a better place than we found it? And then in turn look to where we need improve, what we didn't like, and how we're going to make our piece of world a bit better this year.

I guess one other thing that's pretty specific has been on my mind lately. I have a friend who writes her obituary yearly. She makes a few changes to reflect new bits of her life accumulated each year. I think it's beautiful. So I plan on doing just that. Looking at mortality a bit more in the year and writing my obituary and planning my funeral. Death and rebirth, the cycle of life.

Welcome to 2013!

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known!!!! Yea, we r nerds. We all have matching Carl Sagan shirts:)
Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known---Carl Sagan. Yes, we are nerds.

Christmas kitty:)
Wolfy says Meowy Christmas!

Beautiful Sunday morning:)
A beautiful winter morning.

We r classy:) love ya, honey!
Living it up at our Winter Solstice party!

He's so adorable!
Taking a hayride!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Holiday Season!!!!

I love this time of year!!!! From Halloween till January 6th I'm on happy la-la cloud! It's a great four months. Halloween and spookiness, Fall, the colors, mulling ciders and wines, baking pumpkin breads, and making chilis, soups, and stews. Love it.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to eat lots of food and see family and friends. It's a great excuse to party as well as a wonderful time to remember those less fortunate and to be thankful for what we do have.

Christmas time brings lights and candles, candy and Santa, trees, more baked goods, more yummy mulled ciders, wassails, egg nogs, and wines. It's a time to hibernate during the long winter and hold my dear ones more closely.

Winter solstice or the Yule is a celebration of the Sun. The days start getting longer. It's a time for new beginnings and new goals for the new year.

Yup, it's one big celebration in our house!!! Woot :) So here are a few pics over the last month or so of celebrations and fun!

Craft of the week;)
Thanksgiving craft!

Winter wonderland!
Movie and snow!

Adorable :)
Shadow looking adorable

We finished our first big puzzle together! So fun!
We finished our first big puzzle together!

Winter sun from a mountain.
We went on a pre-Thanksgiving hike and this was the view

Pre-Thanksgiving hike.
Battle Creek hike


Thanksgiving turkey crown on our way for the feast!
His Thanksgiving Day crown

Walking the lone highway...

Mama's little helper!

Kitties so naughty and excited for Xmas!
Kitties love trees!

May the festivities begin!!!!
The Tree!

Sweetness :)
Being Shnuggly

Winter solstice shrine.
Our shrine to the Winter Solstice

I love these trees.
Trees in the Winter

Gabe's graham cracker house!!!!
We made graham cracker houses too!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Another Halloween gone. So fabulous this year. Gabe really got excited. We had a countdown calendar, lots of activities, chili, breads, cider, candy and more candy, costumes, etc. I loved watching his excitement!

I even dressed up the kitties :)

Frodo, my cowboy kitty!
Frodo, my cowboy

Shadow aka El Diablo.
Shadow, the Devil!

Wolfy, my angel!
Wolfy, my angel

May your night be full of zombies....brainzzzz
my zombie make up! Brainzzzzz....

Argh! Ahoy!
Adobe Halloween set up for kids

Our jack-o-lanterns!
Gabe's and mine!

Our pumpkin has turned zombie!!! Eek!!
Our creepy pumpkin porch!

Halloween party fun!
Halloween Party!

My new cut n color for fall!
My new Fall hair color!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Love Autumn!

We went on a nice Sunday hike to celebrate the Fall colors. We got some pretty good photos, exercise, and family together time while basking in the awesomeness of Nature!

2012-09-30 13.53.14-10

Autumn leaves.

We got some great autumn leaves shots!

Our gorgeous hike!

Hiking along the Alpine Loop!

2012-09-30 11.10.48

2012-09-30 11.51.55

I was trying to be artsy ;)

2012-09-30 11.48.04

2012-09-30 11.46.19

2012-09-30 12.43.00

2012-09-30 12.02.19

2012-09-30 13.03.03

Gabe got all tuckered out there in the end so Archie and I took turns carrying him down the mountain. It was a fantastic kick-off to the Fall season!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, Those Septembers of Yore...

It's been a fast and busy and oh so much fun September. There is still a week left but I thought I'd get started a bit early on updates.

2012-08-03 09.30.39
Yes, he comes up with this stuff on his own.

Bubble blowing fun.
Loves blowing bubbles and making messes!

My babushka.

The countdown to Halloween begins!!!!
We were both so excited about Halloween that we made a countdown chart first of September!

Shop til you the shopping cart.
So tuckered out during our shopping.


Gabe's first day of preschool! So excited.
Gabe started pre-school this month! He loves it.

My baby is growing all up. He's also started potty-training. He's pretty good about number one! Gotta start somewhere.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lazy Days of August

Gabe locked himself in his room....we turned the door knob so that the lock was on the outside but it's been acting a bit finicky and last week it bit the dust. There was nothing we could do to get it unlocked. So I tried to take the door knob off but that still left us with the latch still on and thus still locked. So back on went part of the door knob to see if we could get it to turn the latch...success! Long story short, we got it out and we have a new door knob...and we are all in one piece. But whew....panic. Gabe took it all in stride, though. Even posing for a pic!

Gabe got himself locked away in his room! We will get him out.....

One afternoon after a long day of fun ;) I was in the kitchen and he was supposedly in the living room playing. Well, I didn't hear anything after awhile. I came in and found Gabe like this:

Where I found Gabe when he didn't answer me! So cute:)

We've been hiking a few times as well...

Bridal Veil Falls

This is Bridal Veil Falls. Not a long hike at all but a gorgeous view.

And we even got a new pool so Gabe could do some swimming before summer ends.

Archie and Gabe chilling in the pool.

Now we are getting ready for Gabe to start preschool! He's getting very excited. He'll be going once a week til he can get completely potty-trained and then up to two days a week. I hope this will give him incentive to get fully potty-trained....sigh. Two more weeks :)

Crazy kid ;)

2012-08-03 09.30.39