Monday, August 27, 2012

Lazy Days of August

Gabe locked himself in his room....we turned the door knob so that the lock was on the outside but it's been acting a bit finicky and last week it bit the dust. There was nothing we could do to get it unlocked. So I tried to take the door knob off but that still left us with the latch still on and thus still locked. So back on went part of the door knob to see if we could get it to turn the latch...success! Long story short, we got it out and we have a new door knob...and we are all in one piece. But whew....panic. Gabe took it all in stride, though. Even posing for a pic!

Gabe got himself locked away in his room! We will get him out.....

One afternoon after a long day of fun ;) I was in the kitchen and he was supposedly in the living room playing. Well, I didn't hear anything after awhile. I came in and found Gabe like this:

Where I found Gabe when he didn't answer me! So cute:)

We've been hiking a few times as well...

Bridal Veil Falls

This is Bridal Veil Falls. Not a long hike at all but a gorgeous view.

And we even got a new pool so Gabe could do some swimming before summer ends.

Archie and Gabe chilling in the pool.

Now we are getting ready for Gabe to start preschool! He's getting very excited. He'll be going once a week til he can get completely potty-trained and then up to two days a week. I hope this will give him incentive to get fully potty-trained....sigh. Two more weeks :)

Crazy kid ;)

2012-08-03 09.30.39

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  1. Oh man, it would have made me so nervous with the door. Glad it all turned out ok. I love that picture of Gabe with Archie! He is such a fun boy. Love seeing you guys so much more lately.


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