Monday, April 25, 2011

More April Pics and Updates!

Where did April go? No idea. All I know is it's still cold, cold, cold and rainy. I want more sunshine and temps of 70s...sigh.

It's been a good month. Gabe has really taken off too! He loves puzzles. I had some old puzzles from when I was a kid and brought them out for him and he's been figuring them out and doing them on his own. Crazy. He's putting a lot more two-word phrases together as well and understanding so much more. He's just so fun to watch and play with.

Here's some more zany pics!

Our little pirate!

I was painting mine and he wanted his done too!

Gabe got in his stuffed animal box and Archie piled them all in around him. It was so cute and fun!

Easter was so fun this year with Gabe. He even helped color the eggs!

He thought it would be fun to get inside his blocks bag! Then he got stuck!

Archie's helping him out.