Thursday, July 7, 2011

June and 4th of July Weekend Update!

June was really fun. We headed up to Portland, Oregon for a few days and took a trip down the coast to visit some friends. I enjoyed spending time in the largest book store ever, Powell's! Spent some time at the beach, ate good food and just relaxed. We missed Gabe a lot but knew he was in good hands with my mother!

One interesting our first hotel in Gresham, the pool had too much chlorine or something and the second we turned on the hot tub jets our eyes started watering burning and we had trouble breathing! So we had to ditch the pool fast and we tried to get rid of the hives that formed that night....sigh. We can look back now and laugh.

Before I get ahead of myself...the first week in June was Eagle Mountain's Pony Express Days. We watched the parade and enjoyed a little time at the Carnival. Gabe had fun on the carousel but hated the dragon mini roller coaster; I guess it was too jerky and bumpy for him. It was so sad. He even went down the big slide with me (I even was scared going down that one!).
Here's the scary roller coaster Gabe didn't like too much!

Gabe enjoyed the boats with his friend Cameron.

This was pre-roller coaster start! Happy!

Chillin' in the cars

Carousel with Daddy

At the parade

 We also spent time at the Dinosaur museum! Gabe really enjoyed it this year better than last. And our city just built a splash park so we tried that one out this last weekend.

Crazy hair right before haircut!

Caught him in the newspapers. So cute.

We also hung out with our awesome neighbors for some fireworks on the 4th!

Wolfy made an appearance as well

This kid was doped up on all kinds of sugar...