Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yeah! My little boy is officially crawling now! He's such a big boy. He was a bit wobbly for a few days and now he's really taken off! He explores a little bit, but he's really content to climb all over Archie and I cuz he can now. He's also pulling himself up and standing a lot more. He even pulls himself up in his crib and cries standing hoping one of us will come in and give him hugs n' cuddles.

Life has been a bit rough these last two a really bad cough and still am getting over it so my exercising has been pretty nil and my eating habits while still respectable aren't enough to actually help me with my weight loss goals. So I'm sure I've gained back my two pounds or at least haven't lost anymore weight, but hopefully I'll be picking up a bit this week and within a week or two I'll be back where I left off. It seems to happen in life when things are going sure knows how to set you back. But onward and upward.

Here's Boog with his sippie cup with a straw!

Boog being really grumpy but bundled!

Gabe put spoons all over his face!

He pulled his toy basket over himself! Too cute!

Playing a bit with my photo editor...

I love this one!

Not a happy camper

Still grumpy!

A short video of Boog crawling! I'm excited!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weight Loss Update...

Yeah, I've lost two pounds! That's progress...though, I may have blown it a bit today...Archie gave me a wonderful no exercise today and I was really hungry so I had a really big sandwich from our local deli, which is to die for....maybe not actually dying...but hopefully the cold goes away soon and I can feel good enough to keep on it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Samplings- Scars

This was just a random thought...scars have a lot of history behind them...whether they be mental or physical, though the mental ones cannot be seen...I don't have too many of them, but I thought they would make for an interesting topic for today! I could do mental, but I'll spare you and focus on the physical!

My major scars: The biggie...that's no C-section incision. That one's never going away in this life time. But it was worth it to have little Gabe here with us now!

Chicken Pox: I've got a biggie on my back, rather large one on my hip and one on my right forearm.

Cuts: I've officially cut myself with two knives on the same left index finger; the scars even criss-cross each other! Me and knives...not a good combination.

Skinned Knees: They're not really visible, but I had a couple of whoppers as a kid...let's see, tripping over a big rubber ball at recess while wearing shorts and skinning my knee over the asphalt!

Stretch Marks: Yes, they're inevitable for almost every pregnant woman, but mine started as a teen....and only got bigger with Gabe in the belly and retaining enough water to fill up a king size waterbed!

I'm just thankful they're not any more violent than that!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Boog Update and Day 2

Gabe is finally starting to crawl; it's not very far or fast, but he does the slow crawl when we encourage him to come to us! Then after a few minutes he looks up at me or Archie and you can tell he's saying "are you kiddin' me? Just pick me up already!" And then the screams commence and he flops to his tummy and goes spread-eagle. It's just so cute...he's getting there!

Today was panic attack mode. Gabe slowly crawled over to the heater/AC intake vent and grabbed his read plastic ball in his wee itty hand and boom...he continued to hit the vent with it cuz he liked the sound so much. He sounded happy so I didn't think anything of it for a minute or two. Then I went to check on him....blood. That's all I saw, dripping off his finger...he's scratched himself either on the grate or with his fingernail. But it was all over the vent and the wall, on his pjs. I freaked! I grabbed him to make sure he didn't have a severed finger...and then dashed him over to the sink to verify the damage. Just a small cut...I put a wet Kleenex on it to stop the bleeding and voila, done. No more bleeding. The boy didn't even cry about it; he was just having too much fun banging the vent with his red ball...oh, the joys of being a baby...:) So all's well again in the Crozier household!

Another successful day on my weight loss challenge! No junk food, no extra snacking, never felt too hungry and I did some Turbo Jam with the ladies today, which kicked my booty again! But now I'm relaxed since my dear sweet hubby did the dishes and cleaned up and to top it off gave me a back massage while watching The X-Files!

I guess as long as I'm doing so well at it I only need to update maybe once a week for twice a week...otherwise, boring! Or if I falter I can complain about that for a next weigh in is on Monday....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day One

I've recorded my weight (sorry, not going to share) and I started my food and exercise diary! For my first goal I want to lose 12 pounds by April 4th. That's three months from today and that's a pound a week. So today I counted up my calories and only went over by about twenty not too shabby. I only ate whole grains, well, I did have half of a graham cracker...I exercised with my Relief Society ladies. We did a cardio circuit! And I moved my booty for about 45 minutes! So my first day has been a success!

I will allow one day a week for a bit of junk...I can't completely deprive myself. So I'm on my way!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Resolution

Just a quick look back at this last year....

Had an 11 pound baby via c-section, incision got infected, baby was colicky for four months, battled postpartum depression, started up a book blog, continued/continuing my education, tried to make ends meet despite the crazy economy!

It's been a bittersweet year and one I would not like to repeat. There's been a lot of joy and pain. I'm just so very glad that I'm not having a baby this year, pregnant, and have to go through the colicky phase with a baby while recovering from an infected incision, while sleeping downstairs on the couch because that's the only place that won't cause me as much pain, while also battling depression....whew...

So I say good riddance to 2009 and welcome in 2010!!!!!!!!!

My New Year Resolution is to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year. I thought to help myself out I would post about my ups and downs with this challenge on this here blog. One, it'll help to keep me honest. If I know I'm going to post about my day, good or bad, I'll be more likely to eat better and exercise more.

Also, some of the women in my church congregation get together four days a week for an exercise class so that keeps me motivated to get the exercise in. I also have Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, and a ton of workout DVDs, weights, a keep me moving this year.

I told Archie I wasn't going to buy anymore junk food for the house so I won't be tempted and I've committed to cook healthier meals (well, when I do cook, anyway!).

So I hope you'll join me here and there on my progress toward a healthier me this year! I hope you all will reach your goals as well and that this year may be your best yet!