Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Samplings- Scars

This was just a random thought...scars have a lot of history behind them...whether they be mental or physical, though the mental ones cannot be seen...I don't have too many of them, but I thought they would make for an interesting topic for today! I could do mental, but I'll spare you and focus on the physical!

My major scars: The biggie...that's no C-section incision. That one's never going away in this life time. But it was worth it to have little Gabe here with us now!

Chicken Pox: I've got a biggie on my back, rather large one on my hip and one on my right forearm.

Cuts: I've officially cut myself with two knives on the same left index finger; the scars even criss-cross each other! Me and knives...not a good combination.

Skinned Knees: They're not really visible, but I had a couple of whoppers as a kid...let's see, tripping over a big rubber ball at recess while wearing shorts and skinning my knee over the asphalt!

Stretch Marks: Yes, they're inevitable for almost every pregnant woman, but mine started as a teen....and only got bigger with Gabe in the belly and retaining enough water to fill up a king size waterbed!

I'm just thankful they're not any more violent than that!


  1. I love my c-section scar. Before Heather was born I had two different incisions...of course having her and then the open wound left me with a horrific after...but I love it!

    I have one on my thumb that amuses me from slicing it on the lid of a pineapple can. Two stitches and a night off from Burrelle's. :)

  2. I have one on the left side of my left knee I was riding my bike and ran into barb-wire stitches my step day was to cheap..and one on my forhead where my oldest brother bounce me off the bed..and alot of little ones..


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