Monday, January 4, 2010

Day One

I've recorded my weight (sorry, not going to share) and I started my food and exercise diary! For my first goal I want to lose 12 pounds by April 4th. That's three months from today and that's a pound a week. So today I counted up my calories and only went over by about twenty not too shabby. I only ate whole grains, well, I did have half of a graham cracker...I exercised with my Relief Society ladies. We did a cardio circuit! And I moved my booty for about 45 minutes! So my first day has been a success!

I will allow one day a week for a bit of junk...I can't completely deprive myself. So I'm on my way!


  1. Sounds like a good start to me,,and keeping a journal about it will also help keep you accountable,,Good luck..and also what Jeanene said your cute....

  2. That is awesome will feel good to start the new year healthier!! I am right behind you if I could ever get this baby out!


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