Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weight Loss Update...

Yeah, I've lost two pounds! That's progress...though, I may have blown it a bit today...Archie gave me a wonderful no exercise today and I was really hungry so I had a really big sandwich from our local deli, which is to die for....maybe not actually dying...but hopefully the cold goes away soon and I can feel good enough to keep on it!


  1. way to go Heather! I've been eating well the last 2 days until today when we went to Tucanos for lunch. I love that place.

  2. Great work Heather,,,and dont fret over the sandwich just get back on track,,,and I hope you feel better soon...take care

  3. I hate how getting sick totally messes me up. Last year I did really good in Jan and half of Feb and lost 10 lbs. Then I got hit w/ a 6 week cold, then major allergies that I've never had before came on. It totally blew my motivation and focus. Luckily I kept that off all year though. You're doing great, so don't get bummed over the sandwhich. And feel better soon!


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