Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Boog Update and Day 2

Gabe is finally starting to crawl; it's not very far or fast, but he does the slow crawl when we encourage him to come to us! Then after a few minutes he looks up at me or Archie and you can tell he's saying "are you kiddin' me? Just pick me up already!" And then the screams commence and he flops to his tummy and goes spread-eagle. It's just so cute...he's getting there!

Today was panic attack mode. Gabe slowly crawled over to the heater/AC intake vent and grabbed his read plastic ball in his wee itty hand and boom...he continued to hit the vent with it cuz he liked the sound so much. He sounded happy so I didn't think anything of it for a minute or two. Then I went to check on him....blood. That's all I saw, dripping off his finger...he's scratched himself either on the grate or with his fingernail. But it was all over the vent and the wall, on his pjs. I freaked! I grabbed him to make sure he didn't have a severed finger...and then dashed him over to the sink to verify the damage. Just a small cut...I put a wet Kleenex on it to stop the bleeding and voila, done. No more bleeding. The boy didn't even cry about it; he was just having too much fun banging the vent with his red ball...oh, the joys of being a baby...:) So all's well again in the Crozier household!

Another successful day on my weight loss challenge! No junk food, no extra snacking, never felt too hungry and I did some Turbo Jam with the ladies today, which kicked my booty again! But now I'm relaxed since my dear sweet hubby did the dishes and cleaned up and to top it off gave me a back massage while watching The X-Files!

I guess as long as I'm doing so well at it I only need to update maybe once a week for twice a week...otherwise, boring! Or if I falter I can complain about that for a bit...my next weigh in is on Monday....


  1. Cool blog Heather! I'm so noob I didn't realize you had a blog--does it automatically copy the text to a facebook note? Always fun reading about your life :)

  2. Glad to hear it was only a little scratch,,and Great job on the weight loss..keep up the good work..

  3. Oh how exciting that you are doing so well on eating right! I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Kambree had something similar to Gabe. I guess she had been picking at her ear but there was blood everywhere and I thought maybe her ear drum had burst. Good thing they're both just normal kids that do silly things.


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