Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yeah! My little boy is officially crawling now! He's such a big boy. He was a bit wobbly for a few days and now he's really taken off! He explores a little bit, but he's really content to climb all over Archie and I cuz he can now. He's also pulling himself up and standing a lot more. He even pulls himself up in his crib and cries standing hoping one of us will come in and give him hugs n' cuddles.

Life has been a bit rough these last two a really bad cough and still am getting over it so my exercising has been pretty nil and my eating habits while still respectable aren't enough to actually help me with my weight loss goals. So I'm sure I've gained back my two pounds or at least haven't lost anymore weight, but hopefully I'll be picking up a bit this week and within a week or two I'll be back where I left off. It seems to happen in life when things are going sure knows how to set you back. But onward and upward.

Here's Boog with his sippie cup with a straw!

Boog being really grumpy but bundled!

Gabe put spoons all over his face!

He pulled his toy basket over himself! Too cute!

Playing a bit with my photo editor...

I love this one!

Not a happy camper

Still grumpy!

A short video of Boog crawling! I'm excited!


  1. Yeah BOOG!!!!!!!!! HE is just as adorable as bradley in the monkey pjs. We miss you guys it hasnt been long since we have seen you but it seems like forever lol

  2. I love the spoon in Archies ear,,he is getting so big..and I love those blue eyes..take lots of pictures because they grow so fast..

  3. So fun to see his little video crawling :) We need to get together soon so Gabe and Kambree can play again.

  4. Too fun! Go Gabster, Go! He'll be destroying your house before you know it...but he's too cute to not forgive what is to come.

  5. Gabe is getting so big so fast..I tagged you for award,,come check it out..


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