Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Holiday Season!!!!

I love this time of year!!!! From Halloween till January 6th I'm on happy la-la cloud! It's a great four months. Halloween and spookiness, Fall, the colors, mulling ciders and wines, baking pumpkin breads, and making chilis, soups, and stews. Love it.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to eat lots of food and see family and friends. It's a great excuse to party as well as a wonderful time to remember those less fortunate and to be thankful for what we do have.

Christmas time brings lights and candles, candy and Santa, trees, more baked goods, more yummy mulled ciders, wassails, egg nogs, and wines. It's a time to hibernate during the long winter and hold my dear ones more closely.

Winter solstice or the Yule is a celebration of the Sun. The days start getting longer. It's a time for new beginnings and new goals for the new year.

Yup, it's one big celebration in our house!!! Woot :) So here are a few pics over the last month or so of celebrations and fun!

Craft of the week;)
Thanksgiving craft!

Winter wonderland!
Movie and snow!

Adorable :)
Shadow looking adorable

We finished our first big puzzle together! So fun!
We finished our first big puzzle together!

Winter sun from a mountain.
We went on a pre-Thanksgiving hike and this was the view

Pre-Thanksgiving hike.
Battle Creek hike


Thanksgiving turkey crown on our way for the feast!
His Thanksgiving Day crown

Walking the lone highway...

Mama's little helper!

Kitties so naughty and excited for Xmas!
Kitties love trees!

May the festivities begin!!!!
The Tree!

Sweetness :)
Being Shnuggly

Winter solstice shrine.
Our shrine to the Winter Solstice

I love these trees.
Trees in the Winter

Gabe's graham cracker house!!!!
We made graham cracker houses too!

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