Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish every woman out there a wonderful day! Today was my first official Mother's Day as a mother! Gabe got me a really cute and sweet card! hee hee! We took some fun pics outdoors and hung out for a couple hours at my sister's house to celebrate with yummy hamburgers and other foods. I recorded a tiny bit of Gabe to show you how much he appreciated the day!

We took these outside our front door! The weather was soooo nice!

Here Gabe had grabbed for the first time his toy!! It was monumental!

Here's Gabe today with his Grandma and great Grandma Stokes'!

Here's our blurry family pic with my brother Roger in the back!

We ended the day with some singing!!! Goodnight my sweet Gabe!

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  1. You look beautiful Heather!!! These are good pictures! I hope your Mother's day was GREAT!


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