Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gabe's 3rd Birthday and February Fun!

Gabe had his awesome 3rd birthday on February 9th! I can't believe it. It's been three years. I can't say they've been blissful but they have been eventful, emotional, joyous, depressing, exciting, anxiety-ridden, you know all those wonderful things, the good and the bad. Being a parent is tough stuff. But I love him and am so glad I have him!

I surprised him when he woke up!

His pirate table in the morning.
He got puzzles, books, and games.

Pirate Jack cake!!!!

Arrrrrggh!!! I love it!
My mom looks so awesome here!

Gabe wanted a Pirate birthday party. So I went all out and got a gazillion things at the party store. His grandparents (my parents) came up along with Uncle Bruce, Aunt Cheryl, Aunt DeAnn, and a few of his cousins. It turned out really well. He had fun playing and eating cake. Plus he got gigantic balloons!

Fingerpaint fun!

We got window markers!

Archie got crazy with the art!

Playdough Dentist! He loves it! (Gabe ;)
We also celebrated Gabe's b-day at Cheesecake Factory!
And at the newly updated Natural History Museum!

Just trying to be artistic...

Gabe making V-day cards for Daddy.

Archie helped Gabe with these when he got home.

Gabe's crazy tent where you stacked all of his toys!
We also made Peanut butter playdough! Yummm!
I'm trying to create a better learning environment for I plan a few activities here and there!

Wolfy's just cute!

Bath crayons!

Flour drawing


Yup, we made a totem pole!

Archie made a chicken from scratch!

Yummy crackers

And finally Archie cut his hair for Locks of Love!
Whew. Lots of fun stuff this month! Sorry so long. Hope the pics kept you interested long enough to get here!


  1. Gabe is so cute! Look at you doing all those awesome activities with him! I am in awe. You're a good mama.

  2. You are such a great mom Heather! I love little Gabe. So excited he gets to come to preschool this year. It will be so nice to see you more too!

  3. Time sure does fly! What a great birthday party for the little Pirate. I've been lacking on doing fun activities with the girls, it used to be easier with just Ava. I need to do more. And I was shocked to see Archie's hair gone! Good cause to donate too.


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