Friday, July 6, 2012

Early Summer Gabe Catch-up!

I've been without a camera for a couple of months now. But just recently got a nice and new smart phone with all the extras, including a camera and video camera! So's the unleashing of all my pics from the last three weeks!

We told him to do it!

Hogle Zoo for my birthday!

Brewvies for some birthday movie fun!
New haircut!

Gabe even did T-ball...well, he wore the shirt, anyway
Gabe looking handsome with some makeup!

Learning about light and shadows with puppets!
Field trip to the fire station.

Rose Festival

It's been a fun summer so far. I'll add more pics from the 4th soon!


  1. cute pictures,,i had to laugh when you said Gabe did t-ball at least wore the t-shirt because Max did the same thing with scoccer,,

  2. Gabe is so cute! He is getting so big. How old is he now?


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