Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Gabe Update

Gabriel is officially two and a half weeks old! And we are surviving, barely! hee hee! I'm so grateful for my mother who has been staying with us through this difficult transition to parenthood. She helps me on night duty and even takes over for the most part so I can get a little more sleep. It's been a hard recovery and will continue to be so for another few weeks with my incision infection. So it's still really hard to move around too much and pick up my son and help out as much with his feedings and diaper changes and baths.

He went in for his two week checkup and he now weights 10.11 pounds and is 22.5 inches long. My doctor says he looks healthy and is on his way!!! It's been really hard since half the time I feel like I'm not feeding him enough or too much. I've had a bit of the post partum blues and feel so inadequate especially with my slow recovery. It'll be super hard once my mom leaves for home and work next week. So please keep me in your prayers that my healing comes a bit faster.

I still have to get daily cleanings and packings for my wound until it completely heals from the inside out. I see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully she'll be able to give me a time table....maybe another week or two for the daily cleanings and packings.

I also want to give a big hug and love and kisses to my husband Archie! He's been amazing during this time. He really loves being a daddy and is so attentive. He's even changed up his schedule for a bit so he can help out at night and give me and my mother a break towards the end and then he goes in later to work. He spent the whole week in the hospital with me as well, only going home when he needed a nap and food during the day. I just didn't want to be alone at night in the hospital and he was such a trooper to stay! He's amazing.

Also many family and friends have also dropped by to give dinners and to say hi! Thanks so much to all of you for the support. It's definitely been and continues to be a big challenge as we are learning to be parents and the support has been essential! We love you all! I'll give more updates as I heal up a bit more....


  1. You're in my prayers! Just keep that incision clean and dry, it will heal soon. And all 1st time parents feel inadequate, you can never know how tough it is until you get there. But keep your spirits up! Sounds like you have some great support there and I know Archie is doing all he can to help. Wish I could come watch Gabe so you can sleep! :( Take care and keep the updates coming, and more pics next time!!!

  2. Gabe is just as cute as can be and it sounds like you're doing a fantastic job! Just try and rest and it will all fall into place eventually. The first six weeks suck no matter what, quick or slow healing...just the slow healing makes it even worse. Lots of HUGS!

  3. Good luck with recovery! Wish I could come snuggle Gabe for you, but bedrest and a sniffly nose stop me. We're thinking about you!


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