Monday, October 12, 2009

Boog's Surgery Update

Gabe had surgery on Friday. It went well and he's making his recovery. It's been a really tough weekend, but today he started smiling and laughing again and playing with his toys! He still isn't eating as much, but we're hoping he'll get his appetite back soon. Pictures to be put up soon!


  1. Poor little guy, hope he recovers quickly and gets back to normal. That's got to be hard to watch him be in pain and not happy at all. Hope the surgery did the job!

  2. If this is the surgery you mentioned once -- do we really need pics of it? :) Glad he is on the mend.

  3. I hope he gets better soon - and he's young enough I hope he never remembers it.

  4. Hope he has a speedy recovery!!!

  5. Awwwww! Get well soon, Gabe! Sorry to hear he's been through the mill lately.

    I love your wedding picture by the way, what a great way to celebrate one's marriage, dedicating a blog to it! I'm a follower.



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