Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Samplings- Past Household Chores

I know I had chores to do, but they weren't really enforced too much as a child or a teen. I know I had to set the table a lot and put dishes away and sweep sometimes. I also had to clean my room and vacuum the living room from time to time. But as I think back I realize that I probably could've gotten away with not doing them. I still received an allowance and I hardly ever was grounded. But I respected my dad and so I did them every so often as a younger child.

As I got older I had my own sense of responsibility to do things around the house. My room was only semi-clean and if it got too nasty I usually picked it up then. My mom had mental health issues when I was pretty young up til I was in my mid-teens so I never had much of an example of my mom doing things around the house. If something got pretty dirty one of us kids usually ended up tending to it. My dad cooked most of the time or we got our own food. And my mom ended up losing so many things of mine in the laundry that I started to do my own pretty early on, which I'm sure she was grateful for.

So there weren't any chores I've ever enjoyed doing and still don't. My house isn't the cleanest, but things still get done in a timely manner. I'm a clutter horse as well. I also get that from my padres. My dad always had things on the table or the bar while growing up and now so do I! Plus I keep everything, but I'm getting better at that. I try and go through stuff about once a year and throw things out or sell or give them away.

Archie is the vacuum guy in our house. He's immaculate and anal about the whole process. I think his mom made him do it over if it wasn't just right. I'll do it, though, if he takes too long...


  1. First, let me say how much I LOVE that picture!! It says it all.

    I think its great you have a husband who vacuums -- you may remember from my post, how my hub worked himself into that job. Every time I strap on that thing I think "fly me to the moon..."

    I remember getting paid $5 to clean the whole house when I was a little older and then I would spend $2.50 on a Nancy Drew book. I love the feel of a clean house, so I actually like cleaning it, but one thing that does collect is dust. If you ever need a dejunking queen, call me.

    (I'm sure it was very difficult living with your mother's illness. It must have been very hard on your father, too.)

  2. Can you give me the code or whatever for this cute picture, so I can use it some time. Thanks!

  3. I am just like you,,,I dont like doing chores and when I was a kid my mom was very anal about now I am a clutter lazy cleaner,,,it does get cleaned but in my own time...on the other hand my husband is very anal about certain things..he does the mopping and vacuming,,and he thinks when he picks up the house that is consider cleaning it..oh well being married 26 years its not going to change...good luck,,and give little boo a kiss for me...

  4. yes, I had to comment on the picture too, that is awsome! LOL

    Good old Archie, the vacuum guy! I'm a clutter horse too, but that's nothing to be ashamed of LOL


  5. It is funny you say that, my mom always had a really dirty house and I was embarrassed. So I try to keep mine spotless and let me tell you I probably clean 10 hours a week easy if not more at my house. The whole point I am getting at is that is it really worth it. NO! so don't worry about it. if it bothers you enough you will do something about it. So enjoy your life instead. love you


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