Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Gabe!!!!!

Gabe celebrated his first birthday last Tuesday! I can't believe he's ONE. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday he was born and other times it feels like he should've moved out by now! It's been a rough and tumble year together...but he's growing and learning and smiling, laughing!


His first birthday wasn't the best by any means. He was just recovering from an ear infection and then got the icky pukey flu and passed it onto the rest of us. So we didn't do the cake that night just some presents and extra TLC.


So we figured we'd do the cake experience once everyone was last night we headed down to Pirate Island and ate pizza and I made a cake from a box since I don't know the meaning of scratch. Gotta love Duncan Hines with chocolate frosting and yummy marbley cake goodness. It was a quick run to sing happy birthday and eat cake since it was way past his bed time! I even set up a cute Winnie the Pooh sign that said Happy 1st Birthday!!!! Yes, we chose a Pooh theme for the "party" that really only consisted of Gabe, me, and Archie...and I think the kitties may have made an appearance.


And for a weight loss update I lost 1.5 pounds while being sick and not exercising! Woot! But who knows what this week will bring....



  1. Happy Birthday Gabe,,,such a big boy now...glad to hear you all are feeling better..

  2. He is just growing up WAY too fast, but still has a very kissable baby face!!! Sorry poor little man (and the rest of you) were so sick, hoping better health the rest of the year. And those pics of his eyes are CRAZY, but they are amazingly beautiful! Thanks again for the call!!

  3. Yeah, Happy birthday to Gabe. We can't wait to see you this Sunday. :)


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