Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Samplings- Bad Habits

Woo, bad habits really stick around forever...I thought I'd clear the air with myself and admit some of my bad habits in the hopes I can keep trying to curb them!

I really complain too much; it's so much easier to complain than think of one's blessings. I'm an impulse buyer, which means I spend too much money and don't save enough. Especially when it comes to books and DVDs; I'm just hopeless.

I'm also quick to anger and slow to forgive, which means I'm moody and prideful....

I could go on, but these really are ones I'd like to curb a bit more than the rest. Complaining can really dampen my attitude about life, which can get me angry, prideful, and wanting to go out and buy books and DVDs, which in turn makes me feel guilty since I don't really have the they're all very vicious cycles....grrrrr.

What are your bad habits?


  1. Are you sure we are not related,,,because I am the same way,,buying is my big downfall for me.also picking things apart..and the biggest one of all is not letting go of something..I dont know how many times my husband has said to me just let it go...well I wish you good luck with these..keep me posted..take care.

  2. You have bad habits???


  3. I know! I'm so perfect; there is nothing wrong with me! he he!

  4. Now, what did you say? I didn't hear you because I was talking -- interrupting, which makes me a poor listener. I hate that about me. It's really tough on cell phones because there tends to be a 2 second lag. So I think I'm waiting for them to pause -- I talk -- but they aren't done talking -- I sound like I'm interrupting. Ugh.


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