Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Samplings--Worst dates ever!

I'm sure everyone has had one of those dates that you just never happened! My worst date would have to be Junior Prom back in the day.

I didn't have a date with just a couple of weeks left and there I am in Physics class blabbing about that to some of my friends. Well, the guy I sat next to heard...not a guy I particularly like at all. We fought all the time on everything. I guess that was something he happened to the next thing I know he was asking me to go. He was kind of a "skater" dude. So a lot of his friends weren't planning on going to prom so he suggested we go in my friends' group...

It was just a really strange night. He really liked me, didn't know how to tell me other than hold my hand, say strange things, not talk to me at the dance then not dance, then dance, then declare his love to me at the end of the night. Plus, it didn't help that our wonderful prom committee chose an army base for our magical night of the dance, it was way too small for all of us, not the best atmosphere for sure...I really cried my eyes out when I got home door. It was quite the learning experience in the fun teen years! Well, he got over me pretty fast...and we never ended up friends. Kind of sad, but weird!

Any scary dates that aren't too scary you'd like to share?


  1. I went on a date once with a boy who I really was not attracted to. He just got home from a mission to Taiwan. He took me horse bz
    ack ridding and insisted on sitting on the horse with me with his arms around me. When I was done he rode alone for about 30 minutes while i just stood there. Then we picked upa couple and their daughter from his mission. They didn't speak English. We went to a rodeo where he translated the whole thing. He barely said a thing to me. While driving me home at 11 pm realized he didn't feed me anything. I said I wasn't hungry and wanted to go home.

  2. That was all typed one handed! Sorry for all the typos!

  3. My worse date started at 1 o' clock in the afternoon. It was a guy I went to elementary school with. Everyone always made fun of him and when he asked me out I figured I would be nice and go for it. We went with another couple that weren't on a date they both had anther boyfriend/girlfriend. So they paid for themselves. It was super uncomfortable because I didn't bring any money so I didn't know if I was suppose to pay. Anyway, his name was John. John had never driven since he got his driver's license at age 16. He had his parents drive him everywhere and rode on the bus. Well on our date he drove and he was so nervous. We almost hit several pedestrians, ran into lots of curbs. And when he said, "this is my first time driving on the freeway" in a terrified voice I just closed my eyes and said a prayer that I wouldn't die. We went to lunch, then to a movie called "Cidar House Rules". It was a terrible movie about a father who molests his daughter. Then we went bowling then to dinner. And at 8:00 when they wanted to go play pool I politely said I had a lot of homework to finish up before Monday and needed to get home. It was terrible! Thanks heavens I don't have to date anymore :)

  4. These are good stories! I have two worse dates. The first one was where a guy asked me out and when he picked me up he just honked. I looked at my sisters and they were horrified. One of them went outside and told the guy he had to come get me. So he did. Then when I got to the car he made me sit in the back and his best friend rode shotgun. Next they said they were hungry and so they went thru the drive through at Wendy's and didn't order me anything. I soon got the picture it wasn't a date. Still, for it not being a date I was treated wrongly! My other "uggg" date was with this guy who told me that he always puked before dates. I was in my class and saw him run past my class for the bathroom. He puked and came back and got me. Awkward!

  5. My worst date ever was junior prom also! I went with this guy that really liked me and I didn't so much like him. He told me he liked me on the way to the dance and I told him I didn't feel the same way. Dinner and the dance were horrible. We didn't even sit next to each other on the ride home and he didn't even walk me to the car. Senior year at homecoming he asked this other girl and then he apologized to me. My friend asked him if he was still going to homecoming with that girl... and he was like... I don't know. I need to see what is going to happen with Jeanene... then! my friend told him I still didn't like him and next we know he ditched that other girl at homecoming for.... wait for it.... a GUY!
    Yes, I turned the boy gay.

  6. My proms were nothing special--my love interest moved 3 states away before my junior prom :(

    I haven't had any disaster dates, but an awkward one that could have turned out soooo differently! Heather, I don't know if you saw this post: You have to read my final comment for the rest of the story.


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