Friday, September 10, 2010

Lake Owyhee aka WannaHockALogee and Other Pics!

We went camping up in Idaho at Lake Owyhee the last weekend in August with Archie's family. It was our first time camping with Gabe! The ride up was semi-eventful...we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, but Archie was a trooper in the 100 degree heat and fixed up in no time flat. The downside was we got a lot of extra flies in the car, which was really, really annoying. Every time Gabe was falling asleep one would land on him and he'd freak out and start crying again. So it wasn't the funnest driving.

We took the first exit of Boise and stopped there for the night. The next we had to get a new tire and then we were on our way.

The lake was really pretty, but the first day was really hot and stuffy. I thought Gabe was getting burned really badly and that he was going to get heatstroke. But the kids all cooled down in the mini swimming pool we brought.

It's been awhile since the Crozier clan has gotten together...we had two of Archie's brothers and their families, plus their mom flew in as a surprise so she was able to hang for the weekend as well.

We checked out the lake, waded in the hot springs...which were either too hot and you were getting burned or it was way too cold from the river water getting in. Gabe didn't know what to think so he just stayed in my arms the whole time while Archie and his brothers built up dams and what not.

Each day got a lot colder, which was nice since it was just soo darn hot that first day. We had amazing food from everyone pitching in so we ate like queens and kings. The only thing that was super hard was just Gabe not being used to it. He wouldn't take naps which made him extra grumpy and we had a hard time getting him to sleep at night, but once he was asleep he stayed asleep (well, he always got up at the crack of dawn). So we're hoping next summer he'll have a lot more fun being older. It was fun to get away for a few days, but we were all happy to make it back home and get some actual sleep!

I love eating blue crayons!
This is the closest to a smile I could get from him!
Oh, back to grumpy!
Also, Archie left yesterday for Singapore for three works for work. He's training the peeps down their in their new facility. He arrived a few hours ago at about 1:30 AM their time. It'll be a tough three weeks, but hey, I can't complain too much. He'll bring back some good souvenirs and pics! He also claimed the camera so no pics for a few weeks...Maybe I'll get him to send some via email and post some up here in a week or two!


  1. My boss went to that Lake this year and loved it. Glad Gabe tolerated it. Just keep yourself busy and hang out with friends, the time will pass quickly.

  2. Cute pictures, He is such a fun boy! I always love it when we get together and let the kids run wild :) So glad we are friends.


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