Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mini Update

Just got back from some camping with Archie's family and it was super fun and crazy! Pics to come soon...

But I just have to add a couple of super cute things about Gabe. Yesterday we were getting ready to head out for grocery shopping and I told him that we were going and it was time to go. So I put on his shoes and got the diaper bag all ready...but then I remembered one thing I needed to do before we left. So I was sitting at the kitchen table and the next thing I know Gabe comes over and starts pushing my butt right on out of the chair! He wanted us to get going! It was really funny. He's never done that before. Nothing too big, but hey I'm a first time mommy and things like this are just so cute.

And today we were eating out at Olive Garden...well, Gabe is not a big eater. He basically likes bread, peanut butter, yogurt, and fruit, and milk along with anything really sugary and sweet. So I brought a peanut butter sandwich for him. He ate a couple of bites and then threw it at Archie...such a sweetie. But as my pasta dish came he kept whining at me so I moved the dish more into the middle between the two of us and he picked up the gigantor fork and spoon and started going to town on my pasta! At first he spit it out, but then he was like: "Hmmm, this is actually pretty good. I think I'll have more!" He got it everywhere and all over; it was beautiful. He ate pasta all by himself. Not saying that he'll do it tomorrow, but I'm hopeful now that he'll actually start eating some regular food!!! Yeah for small 'miracles!'

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  1. That's funny about the pasta, hopefully he'll broaden his horizons now and eat more. One of my friends was shouting for joy that her almost 2 yr old ate actual chicken the other day. Can't wait for more pics of your Gabster!


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