Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthdays and Fun and Kitties, Oh My!

I'm such a slacker with this blog...I know. Here are some updates of pics. Gabe had a wonderful birthday! We went to Pirate Island with close family and he had so much fun with his cousins and looking at all the arcade games. Lots of fun with cake too!

Waiting for a table at Cheesecake Factory New Year's Day!
He is just getting so big now. I love seeing him grow and learn. He's getting quite the attitude now. He knows the word go and he has no problems using that on us and pulling us wherever he wants us to go. He's also so great at recognizing many letters and he is starting on numbers. He's walking up the stairs now all by himself.

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The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy with all of us getting sick once and then twice! Grrrrr. I cannot wait til Spring!

Frodo's favorite winter spot...
This was sooo funny!
Valentine's Day was also fun. We still had little Gabe with us but we hit a semi-fancy restaurant and dessert and good snuggles. Gabe had fun with his new coloring book of hearts and stickers.

My parents, Archie, his cousins, Katie, Aunt Cristi, and Uncle Ty
We're really excited for summer. We've got some fun vacations planned and Gabe is old enough to start really enjoying the outdoors. We've been so cooped up this winter....we need to get out!!!!!!! I'm going insane....!!!

His cousins Bradley and William
Some funny things with Gabe...when he starts yelling gibberish at us and pointing and basically putting us in our place. He told me one time to get back! I couldn't help but just laugh!!!

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