Thursday, March 3, 2011

February In a Nutshell

Let's see...Gabe turned 2 and we had a lovely birthday party for him at Pirate Island. We managed to be sick for half of the month from Gabe and I, then Archie, and back to Gabe and I...sigh. Gabe also went to his two year checkup. He is still a nail...skinny, tall, and a big head! But the numbers are starting to even out a bit. Still has really large feet, though, like his daddy.

Gabe also has started saying "goodbye, Mommy. Goodbye, Daddy." "Sit!" "Daddy is asleep?" He was just so cute when he said these things.

Archie gave me Turbo Jam for Valentine's Day! I'm having a lot of fun with my new workouts. They're killer but not too killer and they're fun!

GOALS for March:

1. Stay unsick.
2. Eat healthy 6/7 days during the week.
3. Start training for some 5Ks in the Spring and Summer!
4. Cook more at home.
5. Be consistent with my homework.

Time will tell! And yeah for more Spring weather!

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