Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness...February Too!

 It's been a crazy month! OK, not really but it sure feels like it! Lots of pics I didn't get up so here we go!

 Lots of chocolate eating!!!
 Gabe got a big pencil from his aunt for his birthday!

 Kleenex fun!
 In February we headed up to Midway for its Ice Castles!

 Had some friends over for book discussions and dancing Wii style!
 Archie built a fort for Gabe in his bedroom.

That's about it. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

PS...It looks like a nice day today! Yeah! I hope we can go out and enjoy the sun and warmer weather!!!


  1. Cute pics! You look great! I love those ice sculptures. I didn't know they even had those. We will have to see them next winter when we go up to Heber to visit Jake's family.

  2. What great pictures and I want Gabes eye lashes man there long..he has gotten so big,,have a great weekend..


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