Friday, March 11, 2011

Love ing the Weather

....until Gabe starts throwing all the wood chips at the rest of the neighborhood kids...sigh. But then we go back out and all is good again the world.

Today is Archie's birthday and he came home for lunch and we got some Subways and headed over to the park. It was so nice. Gabe just ran around and tried the big slides at last! He is getting braver and braver. Soon he'll be swinging with no fear!

Can't wait for the permanence of the weather to hit...nature walks, hikes...we're going to get one of those stroller trailers for bikes so Gabe can ride along. Yeah!

Also, for one more month, we have story time at the local library that I just we're going to do a few of those too.

Gabe is putting so many words together now and learning to really communicate. He keeps telling me "sit" when he wants to read a story or for me to watch him build his blocks.

Just got a new kid's cookbook with Dora and Diego...hopefully Gabe will want to help out and we can have some cooking time together too and maybe he'll actually want to eat something!!!!


  1. Such a fun age, that's when I really liked hanging out with Ava. Not that I don't now, but she always ends up battling something out with me. We had a pleasant day today and I took the girls to the park, can't wait for more of these. Happy Birthday to Archie!!!!

  2. Fun, Kambree loves the park and asks to go everyday. Yesterday Jake went down head first on his belly and Kambree copied him. She went flying right off and I thought for sure she would start crying but all she did was laugh before doing it over and over again. We bought our bike trailer off of Amazon and got a really good deal on it. Kambree loves it.


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