Sunday, January 15, 2012

December Pics and Catch Up

Gabe with his new art desk! Loves it!

Merry Cheesemas!

Arrrrgh! Pirates!

Loves his new scissors and stamps!

It was a fabulous holiday season for all involved!

New kitty Shadow!
There were a few setbacks in December, one of them being a stray we decided to take in was too sick and died. Stumpy was only with us a short time and will always be apart of our lives. She left a tiny hole in our heart and we decided we could give back to another needy kitty and picked up Shadow from the Humane Society. She's a sweetie and is whipping Frodo and Wolfgang into shape! She's a lover and full of life.


  1. Gabe is growing, still a cutie too. Wow, 3 cats! Don't get crazy and get like 10 or more.

  2. That art desk is awesome! I bet Gabe just loves it! Kambree would :) Looks like you had a great CHristmas. :)


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