Thursday, December 22, 2011

Living Out Loud

One my beautiful friend Hillary just had her 30th birthday. The 3-0 is a pretty big milestone in anyone's life. So we and a bunch of other beautiful friends headed down to a local club The Madison for some serious dancin'!

It was the funnest night of my life!!!! Happy 30, Hillary! May the next ten years be even more fantastic and may I be able to share many of those years with you!

Getting together with my friends and to go out dancing was an amazing feeling of awe and amazement. We're powerful and we're hot. It's nice to remember that every once in awhile. So here's to living out loud!

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Our anniversary and my attempt at making krispie rice treats....

Archie and I did it; we made 8 years this last week, December 12! You look back and think about where you came from, what you've done together over the last 8 years, and where you're at now. Basically, each year has to be taken on its own. And as it has added up over the last 8, I think we're doing pretty good. Some years have been tougher than others but we always manage to make it through. Here's to another exciting year!

We had a fantastic time with some new drinks at Murphy's and chips and salsa and then we walked up to the Roof fancy shmanshy's buffet!

The marshmallows were old and stale in my defense! Stale marshmallows do not melt nicely; they ooze and gooze into a sentient blob and run like a vole into the nearest sink....I thought it was going to attack! My next batch went a lot smoother! Whew.


  1. I love this post! Except for that strange creature in your sink, lol, that's gonna give me nightmares.

    Thanks for celebrating my b-day with me, chica. That's gonna be a birthday I actually remember, and I'm so glad you were there! I love your zest for life, you rock. Congratz to you and Archie.

  2. Thanks, Hillary! You're the best chiquita!

  3. Holy hell those are bad looking rice crispy treats! Wow. But I'm sure it was fun making them. :)


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