Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gabe and the Holidays!

This is the first year that Gabe has been able to really get excited about this awesome time of the year! He loved helping with the ornaments; the bottom has very concentrated areas of ball ornaments! The only setback was having our Christmas tree stolen...(we picked ours out a couple of months ago and when we went to pick it up at the tree farm someone had already taken). But we got another one and it looks fantabulous...well, we forgot to look up how to actually take care of a real tree since we usually go for our pre-lit Walmart tree. So we forgot to water it and now it's dry. We are going to try to recut it tomorrow...we'll see!

Oh, we also cut out snowflakes!

Cookies have been made with more to go! I'm even planning on making egg nog and wassail from scratch this year. We even got an impromptu visit with Santa last week while at the store! Can't complain about a free 5x7 photo. We still need to get our holiday family photo taken and we're good to go!

It's been amazing to see Gabe's excitement. I remember what it was like when I was a kid. Making cookies, listening to Christmas music, dancing, hanging up ornaments, hugs, and kisses. Wondrous and magical.


  1. Love it! Kids make this time of year so special! Love your tree by the way, we put up a dumb fake one this year and it just isn't the same. Not loving Archie's look though, hope Gabe didn't have nightmares!

  2. I love your tree! We did snowflakes too, so fun.


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