Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderfully fun Thanksgiving! We were able to sleep in and enjoy our morning, that's always a plus. All I had to do that morning was chop up some veggies for the relish plate and throw together a yummy whipped cheesecake! My sister DeAnn hosted the fantabulous event and we had all the yummy trimmings of turkey, potatoes and gravy, with rolls, corn, strawberry coo whip salad and lots of yummy snacks, and of course pies with real whipped cream!

We brought up Mexican Train dominoes and Bang! Two very fun games! We laughed, talked, ate, and played, and finally had to leave around nine so Archie could get into bed since he had to work today. It was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving; not a lot of cooking and minimal cleanup!

We're very thankful for the opportunity to be parents here in a few months (though, it's really, really scary to think about!) We're grateful for supportive family and friends, for Jesus Christ and His example so we can better people each and every day! We love life and love this wonderful time of the year that brings so much joy!

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