Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rhogam Shot!

Just went in for the big shot this morning! I was a bit scared, but they were super nice and gave me free juice and warmed up a blanky for me while I waited for the shot to be prepared. I wish I didn't have to get one of those, but I'm a negative blood type and thus the precaution. Hopefully, Gabriel is negative as well, but they've got to take precautions. They made me stay after the shot was given for another 30 minutes!!! They wanted to make sure I was OK. That's when I got really scared. I kept waiting for something really bad to happen, like a heart attack or kidney failure! I think I even saw a crash cart outside the door?? Anyhoo, I guess I'll need to get one more after he's born, but it hasn't been too bad, the hip's a bit sore is all! Now I'm gearing up for the feast of the year! Yummy turkey!

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  1. Owie, I hate shots. Once I got a shot that I didn't feel...and I didn't believe the nurse that she had given me a shot. Why can't all shots be like that?


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