Friday, November 28, 2008

Photos of Christmases Past!

Since I'm new to the blogging world I thought I would throw up some old photos of some recent Christmases. This one is from 2004, our first Christmas in Gresham, OR. We had just gotten Wolfie a month before, which why he is sooo tiny! We chopped down all our trees from the mountains while we were living up there! They weren't the most symmetrical trees, but we fancied them up the best way we knew!

This one where we are in light blue is from 2005. Our friend Catie took the pic! They turned out nice!
This one is from 2006 in Utah at my sister DeAnn's. This is the family Christmas Party a week or so before actual Christmas. The one in brown is me and two of my nieces Alissa and Ameleya, and Alissa's bro. Matthew. This year was really crazy. Archie had moved down to Utah to start the new job in November, but I still had school to finish so I stayed behind in Oregon. During Christmas break I came down and stayed with DeAnn (where Archie was staying). So it was a very emotional time for us both! I'm so glad we're back together!

Here are a few more pics from recent years. We love our Santa hats!! We don't actually have any from last Christmas. Not sure why. We spent it with Aunt Jean in New Mexico and Archie's mother Dianne. It was a really fast and furious trip since we could only take so much time off for work (we drove)! So why no pics were taken, I have no idea! Gotta be better about that this year!


  1. I love that picture of you at the very bottom. You look like a little girl!

  2. I love looking back at older pictures. This will be a fun Christmas for you guys....I can't wait to see you in a Santa hat with your preggo belly.


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