Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Decor!

This is my favorite!! Setting up the Christmas decorations every year! We love it! We're actually still working on the lights. We have way too many this year so we're trying to come up with clever ways to put them up in our house and on windows, etc! So we took a couple of shots of our tree and of us on the night we put them up! It was crazy hard, though. I don't have a lot of stamina due to being huge and pregnant. So Archie had to do a lot of the hard labor parts with the tree and setting up things higher up. But we had fun listening to Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas album and eating candy! I'll add more pics once we get the rest of the lights up outside and inside!

Archie doesn't look too happy in this one, but I think it's because he didn't know it was being taken!

Archie looks happier with his Santa hat on!

I was skinnier before Thanksgiving dinner!!! HEEE HEEE!

Our beautiful Christmas tree!!


  1. I just love love love love LOVE Christmas!

    That's awesome that you are trying out those recipes! You'll have to let me know how you like them. I wasn't a fan of mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes up until about 3 years ago - and now I like almost anything. I guess I've grown up quite a bit! You should try out the Sun-dried tomato Chicken rollups and try to pass the sun-dried tomatoes by Archie. That dish was sooo delicious! I really think he might like it. "No honey...those aren't tomatoes... it just a type of seasoning.... " :-D
    We will have to get you guys over for dinner soon. It might have to be after the holidays... I'll keep you posted!

  2. Your tree looks awesome, we don't even have ours up yet! And baby looks to still be growing, thats good news, though not fun for your body! Thanks for the Birthday card, that was sooo sweet of you. I feel bad, but I'm not even sure when your birthday is??? I would send you a card too, though I'm very forgetful!


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