Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frodo and Wolfgang: Our Sweet Kitties

I feel it is time to give a special blog post to my cute kitties! Frodo has been apart of our family (well, I got him right after I returned home from my mission) since 2003. Archie whole-heartedly adopted him after we were married later that year!

My mom came with me to the pet shop to find a new kitten. Our other cat Princess had gotten sick while I was gone and she died shortly after I returned home. It was pretty tough, so I really wanted a new companion in my life to ease the pain. When I walked into the store they had a lot of kittens available. There were all so cute! I wanted them all! hee hee! But when I looked down at Frodo he had these really big eyes and sweet disposition! It was love! So I took him home with me. He picked me instead of the other way around.

Here are a few pics when he was a kitten!

He actually had to stay with my parents for a few months while Archie and I got situated in Oregon. But my parents brought him up a few months later and he was officially apart of the family! He loves to chew things and tear them up! He's destroyed book covers, boxes, papers, strings, toilet paper and paper towels, etc!

He's our pirate kitty!

Frodo right before eating and destroying this box!
He allows me special lap time privileges every once in a while!

For Christmas in 2004 we decided he needed a brother. He was getting a bit lonely! So we picked up Wolfgang! We were actually looking at a orange tabby first, but Wolfy looked cute so I just wanted to be sure. While I was holding him I noticed that he had six claws on his paws instead of the usual five! The employee hadn't noticed either because he told us if we didn't get him now they were going to jack up the price since he was a polydactyl kitty. So that clinched it for us. He was ours!

You can kind of see his freakish paws here!

Sleeping with Archie!

He was such a little guy!

Needless to say, Frodo did NOT think he needed a new brother. It was quite the hissy fit for the first month or two. But Frodo finally adjusted and Wolfy slowly took over and butted his way in! He's kind of the passive-aggressive of our two kitties. He's really large now due to eating half of Frodo's food every day, while in turn Frodo has been able to keep his weight down since he has nothing left to eat at the end of each day! Wolfy definitely loves his peoples. He follows us around all day in order to get the pets' every day. While Frodo saves his cuddle time for special occasions! Frodo is a people kitty; he likes to meet new adults. But kids...he's still wondering about and Wolfy won't even go near them if he can help it! So we'll all have some adjusting to do when little Gabriel arrives in a couple of months! But we'll do it since we're a big, happy family!You must love me!

Starting to get along!
Our little cuddle muffins
Wolfy using his passive-aggressive self on Frodo!

We love our kitties and hope you have gained an appreciation for the love they bring into our little family!


  1. Frodo and Wolfgang are adorable. My favorite picture is the second to last one of them snuggling together. I just know your fur babies will love their little brother...even if it takes a few months. :)

  2. They are so cute, I love Wolfgang, he's just good looking! Too bad they make me sneeze!

  3. Cute kitties! They definately deserve a spot on the blog. They've grown up so much!


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