Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year 2008

I thought I would reminisce a little bit about this year...It's been a very strange year for me in particular since I've been pregnant for over half of it. Towards the beginning of the year I was still working for eBay and in February I was able to work from home for a little while, so that was a nice beginning. Archie and I also decided to start our family and boom June hit and we were pregnant! I worked at home til September when I decided that working from home was great, just not necessarily for eBay. So I enrolled in an online course to be a medical transcriptionist! So far it is going great. September also took us on a trip up to Oregon for the Portland Pirate Festival as well as to visit family and friends. Then in December Archie received a promotion to be an Engineer Level I. So we are very grateful for this fortunate turn of events!!!

Looks like we have a whole new opportunity for fun and growth this new year of 2009 with our baby boy being born in February (hopefully not sooner!) and enjoying/being frustrated at the new experiences that being parents will bring! I think my blogs will definitely get peppier!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

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