Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love Autumn!

I thought I would give a big shout of thanks to my friend Autumn who came up yesterday away from her lovely family to give Archie and I a day to be together while she watched our little Gabe! She's the best and am so grateful for loving family and friends who are helping us get through this huge change in our lives!! We love you!!! And thanks to Autumn's family for letting her come up to help!

We were able to see a movie "State of Play." It was very intense! We also hit Winger's for some yummy wings and salads. The popcorn maker was out of order so no popcorn for the appetizer, but less calories to be swallowed...he he. We even had time to get our grocery shopping in as well! And our final stop was Emmett's and Ethel's for some awesome shakes! So thank you again, Autumn, we had a wonderful day!


  1. You are too sweet! I'm glad you guys had some fun! Gabe is such a sweet boy!! He has the best smiles. And now I'm inspired to watch the rest of Bones. :)

  2. That is definitely one advantage of bottle feeding your baby - you can go out for long periods of time without having to pump before and without getting totally full you're ready to explode! (or leak...) It's nice to be able to be a married couple again every once in awhile (and not just parents :). I hope all is going well with formula. I know you're doing the right thing for both you and your baby. Oh, and about the spray paint on my flower beds, I think I'll call and complain and ask them to make it up to me by buying ground cover/mulch. We've been wanting to put some in anyways, and this could be our chance for free! We'll see!


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