Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Fun Pics!

We had a fun week! Here some pics to prove it!
I got together with my friend Nancy and her baby Eva on Wednesday! They played together for a very short time on the play mat!

Here's Gabe and Archie! Archie's very smiley, but we couldn't get Gabe to do it for the camera.

Here are a couple of smiley shots of him in his walker!

Sunday we headed up to my friend Claire's baby's blessing. They're about two months apart so some people didn't quite know which baby it was that was blessed!
Here's Gabe again with sweet Eva! Gabe has the biggest head in the world!
He loves chewing on his hands and Eeyore!


  1. Your little pteradactyl is ADORABLE! We need to get together again sometime. How are you feeling? Sinus infection any better?

  2. SO CUTE!!!! I love the smiley pics


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