Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Everything Austen Challenge: Movie Reviews: Sense and Sensibility & Emma

I just watched two of my movies for the Everything Austen Challenge! I've watched these movies many times before and so it was fun to watch them again!

Sense and Sensibility: I watched the one with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant. This is my favorite rendition of Jane Austen's classic. The acting is superb and many at least four of the actors went on to play various characters in the Harry Potter movies! OK, I was wrong, there are at least five! Elinor and Marianne's mother Mrs. Dashwood, the actress is Madam Pomphrey in the movies!

I love the story how one sister Maryanne must learn what true love is and the other Elinor must learn to be patient and forbearing concerning the one she loves. To me it's a timeless tale that I can relate to in these modern times, which is why Austen's books and their movie continue to be so popular today.

Emma: I watched the one with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam. Definitely my favorite Emma rendition. I thought the one with Kate Beckinsale was a little dry and boring. I also really enjoy this book by Austen. Emma is so different than many of heroines. She's already rich and as such she doesn't need to get married if she so chooses. She's prideful and somewhat vain. Austen shows how it takes someone her equal to help her be her best self. Gwyneth and Jeremy do an excellent job of portraying these traits and their chemistry is amazing!


  1. There must be a rule somewhere: if you're a truly British actor, you will end up doing period dramas (i.e. Jane Austen adaptations). I love that you get to see so much talent in both movies (and I completely get you about the HP actors...I was like, "is that SNAPE???"). Glad you enjoyed them!

  2. OK, I know that Emma Thompson and Alan Richman (isn't that his name?) were in HP, but who were the other two? It's been a while since seeing S&S (which I LOVE) & can't remember who else is in HP!

  3. i finished re-watching these two this week as well and totally agree with you. love these two versions the best. emma thompson just moves me with her emotional scenes.

  4. Charlotte is Doloras Umbridge? Now I can't wait to watch it again just to see!! THANKS!!

  5. I just realized that there are five actors from S&S that are in the HP movies! Elinor and Marianne's mother Mrs. Dashwood is Madam Pomphrey in the movies! Just thought you'd like to know!


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